Small Business Idea: Movie shop

“Have you watched this new series called…What?! You haven’t, you should check it out and I promise you’ll thank me later…”

You’ll often hear such phrases being uttered by a lot of Kenyan movie fanatics. Kenyans love their movies and it’s a normal past time activity especially for students and young adults.

We haven’t quite reached that point where everyone has unlimited internet so we still rely on ‘DVD burning’ to get our movie/series dose.

And that’s why the movie shop business is quite a lucrative business to start in Kenya.

Ever wanted to start a movie business but you don’t have a clue about how to go about it? Here’s a breakdown of the major requirements:

Capital: Kshs 100,000-200,000
The capital may vary depending on the location. If you are setting up shop in a residential area then you might just need to pay a few month’s rent in advance to get you started. Say kshs 30,000 for 3 months advance rent for a place that charges Kshs 10,000 per month.

For a stall in town you might need to pay goodwill in addition to the monthly rent. In this case you’ll have to dig deeper into your pockets.

Once you are done with the location you’ll need the tools of trade and they include:

Fast reliable computer: Khs 30,000-50,000
Small printer: Kshs 8,000
Reliable internet connection: kshs 3,000 per month
Duplicator: Kshs 30,000-50,000
Screen- Kshs 20,000
Quality blank DVDs
MCSK license

These are some of the essential requirements you’ll need to set up shop.

Just to clarify, the printer will be used to print out images of movie/ series covers.

The duplicator will be used to copy/burn  different DVDs at once. This is a must for a busy place.

The screen will be used to test out movies and also play out movie trailers.

Once you have all tools of trade assembled you are now ready to begin.

In this business remember that repeat clients are key and satisfied customers will market your business to their friends. So remember to burn quality movies with no scratches and good picture quality.

You should also stock the latest movies/series.

N.B Location is very key in this business. Pick out a highly populated area with lots of youngsters.

Possible Returns
In this business you can make as much as Kshs 6,000 on a good day  and about kshs 1,000 on a bad day.

Feeling ready to start a movie shop now?


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